The characteristic element of PEKiP®-Group is that the babies play naked in a particularly warm room in order to move more freely.

What awaits you at the PEKiP®-Group?

The first year of life is a very special time in which the baby is constantly learning. And so it can control its body better and better, practices new sounds and begins to explore its environment.

Would you like to support your child appropriately during this development and do you have some questions yourself? While your baby has the opportunity to test out his/her new skills and explore his/her surroundings in the group, you can exchange ideas with other moms and dads as well as with me and ask all the questions that are on your mind as new parents.

Depending on your baby’s age, I will also show you appropriate suggestions for games and movements to strengthen the bond between you and your baby. Additionally your baby will get in touch with other babies at the same age.

What does PEKiP® mean?

  • Recognize the child’s individual abilities and needs
  • Give the baby its first social contacts with peers
  • Time to exchange ideas with other parents and the group leader

The characteristic element of PEKiP® is that the babies play naked in a particularly warm room in order to be able to move more freely.

Who is PEKiP®- Group for?

Parents can take part with babies from the 4th to 6th week of life, but it is also possible to start later. In any case, the babies in a PEKiP®-Group are approximately the same age and this group can stay together for the entire first year of life. This results in weekly meetings with the same people. This creates a trusting and secure constant for the babies and young parents.

The course consists of:

a free information evening and the playrooms with the children.


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